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Bessa Valley Winery Ltd

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Website: http://www.bessavalley.com
Phone: +359 889 499 992

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Activity: Winery
Description: The winery is located at the foot of the hill above the vineyard, an area of 4,2 ha.
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Ognianovo village
ZIP/PostCode: 1000
Boulevard/Street: Slavianska Street
Street #: 13
Building: Building
Entrance: Entrance
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We, the wine-makers from Bessa Valley, are inspired by this place as much as the Bessians were 2500 years ago.

Now we are the Bessians! It is our destiny to grow the vines of the Valley and make great wine from their fruit year after year.

Everything is done with the greatest respect for the nature, the people, the vines and its fruit. We are not in a hurry. We are not losing the harmony.

“I believe this is the philosophy of a Bordeaux resident – the intelligent collection of different sorts provides and brings a richer, more complex and harmonic wine. Today, many wines are sold which are labeled as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay… However, this is not what my wine culture is about.”


Terroir is a combination of the specifics of the geography, climate and soils. It needs great knowledge and strong instinct for the land. Terroir is a philosophy and culture in wine-making. You need to feel the place the same way a child feels his mother’s love.

Bessa Valley is located on the hills between the Rhodope Mountains and Maritsa River. The climate is continental – hot summer and cold winter. The terroir is influenced by the river and the mountain. Rainfalls are at usual level.

The Valley is surrounded by hills, open only to the west and east. This gives the opportunity for the fresh air streams to pass through the grapes and mix the fragrances.

The soil in the Valley is loamy and clay-stony, mixed with limestone. The limestone rock is half a meter under the soil layer.

See the road map to the Valley

Count Neipperg about the terroir:

“A common mistake in the past was growing vast wine massifs in Bulgaria in the plains – for example, between wheat plantations, whereas high-quality wines are produced from vines growing on limited, cutoff and wilder terrains. Grapes are a fine fruit but it is only its husk which gives to the wine its color. Without concentration of color in the grape you will never have good wine.”

Winery office

Bessa Valley Winery Ltd.

Zad baira Neighborhood

Pazardjik region

BG-4417 Ognianovo village

Tel.: +359 889 499 992

Fax: +359 886 499 825


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