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Black Sea Gold AD

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Website: http://www.bsgold.bg
Phone: +359 2 818 97 37

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Activity: Winery
Description: Black Sea Gold AD has a long history of excellence. The surrounding Pomorie region sets a record of turbulent history and remarkable wine traditions.
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1404
Boulevard/Street: Bulgaria Blvd
Street #: 83A
Building: Building
Entrance: Entrance
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Black Sea Gold AD has a long history of excellence. The surrounding Pomorie region sets a record of turbulent history and remarkable wine traditions. Located 20 km north of Burgas, Pomorie is considered the center of the best white grapes terroirs in Bulgaria. In addition, the white grapes competitive advantage is greatly enhanced by the proximity to significant quantities of high-quality red grapes.

Black Sea Gold production facilities are located at three sites: a wine cellar in the town of Pomorie with two plots, and a second winery in the village of Kableshkovo, close to Pomorie. The Pomorie winery is specialized in production of red wines and wine brandy, the Kableshkovo winery is producing exclusively white wines. Bottling facilities are in Pomorie only.
Festa invested more than EUR 15 mln in the wineries after privatization and planted more than 600 ha with high-promise grape varieties. As a result, Black Sea Gold AD introduced new quality products in the premium and super premium price segments. The two wineries are now focused on own brands production and marketing. The old tradition of producing exceptional quality wine brandy is kept alive. The investments in own vineyards, plus exceptional control over supplies, are the keys to production of a high quality products.


Product and markets

The Black Sea Gold conglomerate produces and sells about 15 million bottles annually. Black Sea Gold is among the three leading wineries on the domestic market with an estimated 20% market share in the wine segment and 15% in the brandy and wine brandy segment. The home market is commanded via an elaborate network of more than 60 distributors and a very efficient logistics system.

Exported wines deliver a wide range of volume brands, combined with high-end premium products to vastly different foreign markets. Black Sea Gold is the biggest Bulgarian exporter to Russia, the Baltic Republics and CIS. Other main export destinations are Poland, the Baltic Republics, Japan, Germany, France, and the USA. Wine brandy exports are exclusively to Poland and markets of the East.
Sales & Marketing and Advertising
1404 Sofia
83A Bulgaria Blvd.
tel.:   359 2 818 97 37
fax:   359 2 818 96 82
e-mail:   [email protected]


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