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Website: http://www.gornabania1.info
Phone: +359 2 957 61 69


Activity: Water mineral and spring
Description: the first company in Bulgaria for bottling mineral water - source "Gorna Bania "
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1614
Boulevard/Street: St. Eng Borislav Ogoyski square Gorna Banya
Street #: 14
Building: Building
Entrance: Entrance
Office: Office



"BULMINVEKS - Gorna Bania" Ltd. is the first company in Bulgaria for bottling mineral water - source "Gorna Bania ", well № 3 with brand name" GORNA BANYA 1, founded in 1958. The company is owned by CENTRAL COOPERATIVE UNION .On our label proudly stands - "First bottling company in Bulgaria". Drinking quality and purity of the mineral water make it preferred by the consumer

Quality Management

"BULMINVEKS - Gorna Bania" Ltd. " has been certified of the international standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005 by " SZHS - Bulgaria" EOOD company. Introducing, maintening and improving of the above systems, help the company consolidating its position on the domestic market and successfully tread on the world market by offering its customers quality and safe product.

The Water

The mineral water "Gorna Bania" is known in Bulgaria with its unique qualities and weak mineralization, which makes it preferred by the consumer.
Based on research natural mineral water from Gorna Bania area is characterised with limitedwith limited content of minerals with stable physical and chemical composition and properties, clean of chemical and anthropogenic pollution. According to the type of water, it is hydrocarbonate-sulfate sodium. The results of continuous analysis, show stability of the mineral water and lack of influence by external environment on its composition. Analysis of bottled mineral water after camping, also show stability of physical and chemical parameters for at least two years.
The mineral water is bottled in the following sizes: 0.330 l., 0.500 l., 1.000 l., 1.500 l., 3.000l., 6.000 l., l. 10.000 l. and 19.000 l.

More contact details:

Sofia 1614, square Gorna Banya
St. Eng Borislav Ogoyski "№ 14
Tel.: (02) 957 60 75,
fax: (02) 957 60 76

Head of commercial department: (02) 957 61 69,
fax: (02) 957 60 79,
Commercial department: (02) 957 60 77, 957 60 78,
E-mail: [email protected]

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