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Website: https://www.dermacodebg.com
Phone: +359878440200

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Activity: Healthcare
Description: Manufacturer of professional and personal facial cosmetics
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1113
Boulevard/Street: Prelom
Street #: 6
Building: Building
Entrance: Entrance
Office: 4


Professional and personal face cosmetics

Our work is focused on the development of serum fillers and fluids – the new bloodless scalpels!

DERMACODE by I. Pandourska is a series of professional cosmetic products for the face, formulated with French raw water and oil-based materials, designed for the face – adapted for dermatologists and cosmeticians. 

The products of DERMACODE by I. Pandourska are suitable to activate manually and mechanically with ultrasound, needle-free mesotherapy, radio frequency lifting, frimator, brush peŠµling, darsonval, oxygen apparatus, diamond microdermabrasion, RF, etc.

Why DERMACODE by I.Pandourska ?

We still cannot write in our history that we have been on the market for 50 or 100 years. We are young but the innovations in industry for skin care are our mission.

Our aim is to make formulas which to mobilize skin function support. Natural scalpels are our ‘revolutionary’ products. After several years of study of BEAUTY and WELLNESS cosmetics and market development, we created professional and personal face care, applicable both in beauty salons and spa centres, as well as at home. The high quality and innovativeness of our therapies allows us to meet the most exacting needs. Our focus is on the work with skin and the provision of elements that are also needed. We are specialized in a wide range of moisturizers and serums, formulated with the help of the latest technologies and ingredients. This system of emulsions can help for the proper recovery, treatment, deep hydration and rejuvenation. Some of our active ingredients are citrus vitamins, collagen, hyaluronic acid, dynalift, silk proteins and xylitol. The high quality of the French cosmetic products and the good price parameters place us firmly on the beauty market. What we strive for is making informed sales. We want the users of our cosmetics of all ages to have the culture and knowledge for their care. Let us help nature do its job without aggressive intervention.

Company Products

Calming and rejuvenating
  • Calming and rejuvenating
    Amount: 200 ml ,50 ml ,20 ml ,10 ml
  • Clean skin serum
  • Clean skin serum
    Amount: 200 ml ,50 ml ,20 ml ,10 ml
  • Hyaluronic acid 1.5 %
  • Hyaluronic acid 1.5 %
    Amount: 200 ml ,50 ml ,20 ml ,10 ml
  • Collagen serum 6 %
  • Collagen serum 6 %
    Amount: 200 ml ,50 ml ,20 ml ,10 ml

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