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Devin AD

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Website: http://www.devin-bg.com
Phone: +35928072840


Activity: Water mineral and spring
Description: The company is a manufacturer and distributor of mineral water and soft drinks.
Form of ownership: Public company
Amount of capital:
Company Size: Large


Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1113
Boulevard/Street: Tintiava Str
Street #: 13B
Building: Building
Entrance: A
Office: Office


The mission of DEVIN company is to produce and supply products that are healthy and help people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore all our activities are organized with the above mission in mind and we aim to educate people and especially youngsters of the benefits of healthy way of living. Company`s objectives is to support as many as possible activities which are related to sport, healthy eating habits and bonding with the nature.
Natural waters from an ecologically clean region in the Rhodopes

Devin AD was established in 1992 as a limited liability company owned by individuals and Devin Municipality . Since 1999, the company has been functioning as a stock company with 100% private capital.

In August 2007 DEVIN AD increases its capital and becomes a public company with shares for free trade on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

The company's main activity is bottling and sale of mineral water, spring water and carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks.

Devin AD has a concession for water utilization of boreholes 3 and 5 in the region of Devin, the Rhodope Mountain, from where the mineral water is bottled.

DEVIN mineral water is specified as slightly mineralized, suitable for daily consumption, as well as for people who have an active life style. Mineral water is distinguished for its high natural and balanced mineral content. It has a total amount of mineralization 255 mg/l.

DEVIN AD has also licence for utilization of Baldaran Source, from which is bottled the unique for the Bulgarian market DEVIN spring water. It has an unique combination of a low mineral content (82 mg/l) and an extremely low content of sodium (Na+) – 4,5 mg/l. The Bulgarian Pediatric Association recommends Devin Spring water even for newborn babies due to its purity and suitable content. Because of its low mineralization it has been also recommended for old people who has any problems with blood pressure, kidneys, etc. Thus it is really suitable for everybody and for everyday consumption.

The company provides jobs to over 500 people, which is of crucial importance taking into consideration the high level of unemployment in the region.



The factory was built next to boreholes 3 and 5 in the ecologically clean region near the town of Devin in the Rhodope Mountains.

The production process is in compliance with modern ecological standards for environment preservation.

The equipment is modern, supplied by leading companies in the sphere from France , Switzerland , Italy and Austria . The production cycle is completely closed and includes manufacturing of bottles, bottling, labelling and arranging in pallets. Thus guarantees the end product purity.
quality control

Quality is a leading principle at Devin AD.

The factory has its own modern laboratory, which exercises constant chemical and microbiological control, so that the necessary quality of the manufacturing process and the bottled mineral water are guaranteed.

Devin AD is certified by ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 14001:2004.\

More contact details

Factory Devin AD

4800, Devin, 6 Vassil Levski Str.

Phone. 03041/3100
Fax: 03041/4100
[email protected]

Central office Devin AD

1113, Sofia
13B, Tintiava Str., ent. A, floor 5

Phone. 02/8072840
Fax: 02/8072848
[email protected]

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