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Dives Estate

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Website: http://www.divesestate-bg.com
Phone: +359 32 512 925


Activity: Winery
Description: We apply only cutting-edge oenological technologies to the process of winemaking
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Plovdiv
ZIP/PostCode: 4018
Boulevard/Street: Maritsa blvd
Street #: 154
Building: Building
Entrance: 3
Office: A9


Dives Estate Wines

Our goal

Although wine has accompanied Man from times immemorial, it has, not even for a moment, lost anything of its quality of being up-to-date and intriguing. The ancient Greeks believed it to be a gift of the gods. We are a new generation of Bulgarian winemakers, infatuated with the entire journey that the Sun makes all the way to your glass. Our mission is to preserve the best there of the terroir and to offer you a wine that will strike you with its genuine naturalness.


Our vineyards stretch along the southeastern slopes of the hilly land between the townships of Pomorie and Aheloy, opening a splendid vista on the seashore.
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The grapes

The warm sun and the perpetual breeze are the best accomplices we could hope for in the application of viticulture skills and the protection against disease and vermin. The latter, coupled with viticulture prevention on a regular basis, encourages our fruitful endeavours at organic farming and endorses our initiative to introduce the practice of organic viticulture to all our vineyards, instead of the conventional methods.

The wine itself

We apply only cutting-edge oenological technologies to the process of winemaking. The hand-picked grapes are transported some 4-5 km away and are immediately processed. The timely usage of a cold and inert environment, aids us in prolonged skin maceration of our white wine varieties, and in applying pre-fermentative cold soaking to the red ones. We achieve our mission through a mixture of freshness and fruitiness, which helps distinguish our wines for their authentic naturalness. In order to make the best of it in terms of preservation we have grown our very own yeast culture, isolated and selected from our very own vineyards. Besides showcasing the specific features of our wines, the approach we employ enables us with the unique opportunity, that some time soon, we might be able not only to offer you wine made of organically grown grapes, but also wine in which the yeast and all used in its making are of organic origin.

154 Maritsa blvd.
fl. 3, office A9 ,
4018 Plovdiv

fax: +359 32/512 928
tel. +359 32/ 512 925, +359 32/ 512 926, +359 32/ 512 927
e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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