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Website: http://www.dohapharma.com
Phone: +16477210456


Activity: Medical products
Form of ownership: Private owned
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Country: Canada
Town: Toronto
ZIP/PostCode: 0084
Boulevard/Street: Dundas Street W
Street #: 2350
Building: Crossway Building
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Dohapharma Co., Ltd., is a marketing professionals with ample experience in medicine and good knowledge of pharmaceutical business in Vietnam. We started consultant services on pharmaceuticals in the year of 2002 and have marketted hundreds of pharmaceutical and dietary supplements products of numerous foreign companies in Vietnam. Our close association with the health institutions and departments of Vietnam has enabled us to gather first hand information on health matters, the disease occurrence and frequency, medical products of priority, their availability, demand and supply and the pharmaceutical market trends. Through our professional and expertise, products of uttermost priority can be selected for registration and marketing. In a competitive market like Vietnam, only a dynamic company could adapt and conduct the business profitablly and Dohapharma is the one of this kind. Currently we are importing and distributing a wide assortment of Rx and OTC products from leading world-class producers. Up till now we have signed distribution agreement with more than 50 manufacturers from over the world, including the USA and European companies.

Expanding your business in Vietnam market
If you are planning to address the Vietnamese market for your products, and seeking a local partner that can handle export market, we have the answer for you. At Dohapharma, we will oversee all local operations, from regulatory to marketing and sales. This is strongly motivated if the manufacturer do not have sufficient resources to allocate to export markets and as such need to find suitable and trustworthy partner that can handle all the complexity and the risk.
Dohapharma helps our clients to expand market share in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market. Our team has extensive experience working in different fields of the pharmaceutical industry. We have experience from different levels including top management, business development, Rx and OTC marketing & sales, regulatory affairs management and deep knowledge of the local market
We are focused on understanding the forces affecting the market shares of health-care products and have aligned our practice with the market to ensure that our sales force have proper knowledge about the relationship that drive the market of the wholesalers, prescribers, pharmacist and patients.
We can manage parts or all of your regulatory business with guaranteed timelines or we can just provide your with our consultancy on regulatory submission, fillings, applications and registrations.

Dohapharma is your right parner if you are:

  • a company planning to enter the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market
  • a company needing full service
  • a company seeking advise for regulatory affairs
  • a copany expanding operations in Vietnam

Dohapharma offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare

  • Act as manufacturer's representative for the territory of Vietnam
  • Support local registration of company and all relevant portfolio
  • Notify manufacturers of all requirements to register and launch in Vietnam market
  • Engage with all local players that are relevant to the business
  • Agree on manufacturer's required prices, discounts, payment terms
  • Provide manufacturers with annual forecasts for markets
  • Show a sufficient commitment in terms of order placement
  • Handle local market inventory and price risk

Our team

The company includes the most capable and experimented team for pharmaceutical marketing and sales services in Vietnam, the leading drugs distributor and the largest chain of pharmacies. Being on the market for over 10 years, Dohapharma has over 120 direct employees and hundreds of collaborators nationwide.

Dohapharma brings a valuable contribution to the improvement of the health sector in the regions where it is present, promoting products as well as services of a remarkable quality for the patients, pharmacies and hospitals. However, Dohapharma adds to its economical approach a social one as well. The essence of its progress can actually be met in three key elements: promotion of quality, a permanent creation of new jobs and especially continuous training of the employees.

The way we expose your products to our market

Once a product has been identified as an ideal candidate for marketing in Vietnam, the product will be accessed through In-licensing - Dohapharma will acquire the rights to products developed by third party companies.
This route ensure the most cost efficient and fastest route to market whilst maintaining the very high standards that the foreign manufacturer require for Pharmaceuticals.
The Dohapharma has the expertise and experience to advise and manage the dossiers to submission to Vietnam MOH and Drug Administration.
The Dohapharma management has extensive knowledge, experience and relationships that help bring the product to market through the optimal route. This ensures that the pipeline is strong at all times and covers all areas of pharmaceutical forms from liquids, semi-solids, sprays to solid dose.

Sales channels

  • Government tenders and hospitals tenders
  • Whole sale for pharmacies and GPs
  • Retails by sale representative.

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