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Website: http://www.higps.org
Phone: +359 889 916 947


Activity: Other
Description: GSM & GPS Based Tracking Solutions
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1614
Boulevard/Street: Goce Delchev
Street #: 50
Office: 15


What does Tracker mean?

Trackers are devices used for positioning based on GPS or GLONASS satellite systems.

Using such device you can locate yourself or any object you want within a couple of meters.

They are commonly used for corporate purposes in order to track one or group of corporate vehicles.

There are hundreds of solutions providing the end user with:

  • GPS or GLONASS positioning
  • Attached to the electrical wire system or short battery life.
  • Easily jammed
  • Hard to be hidden
  • Easy to be removed from vehicle
  • Fuel level information, Mileage and other detailed information


What is the difference in HiGPS?

HiGPS Trackers are designed as security solution and work independently of all the other security systems. Their main purpose is to help you finding your car when no one else can, using GSM and GPS positioning. Since these devices are focused on security purposes they can provide you with:

  • GPS, GLONASS and GSM positioning
  • Independent power supply up to two years battery life
  • Very hard to be jammed
  • Small dimensions
  • Additional transmitter to locate the device within 200 meters
  • Very hard to be found and removed from the vehicle
  • Two way GPRS communication

HiGPS devices are designed in four different types:

  • Standard Vehicle Tracker
  • Personal Tracker with panic button
  • Vehicle Tracker with additional transmitter
  • Vehicle Tracker with both – GPS and GLONASS positioning systems.

All of the devices can be configured using both  standard mobile phone or HiGPS Server.


If you are interested in our products and services please don’t hesitate to contact us to obtain additional information, presentations and trainings.

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