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Website: http://www.mihalkovo.com
Phone: +359 885 829 079

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Activity: Water mineral and spring
Description: Mihalkovo mineral water
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1000
Boulevard/Street: Bulgaria
Street #: 1000
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Many years ago, in cafes, restaurants and shops in Bulgaria, people used to order “soda” having Mihalkovo naturally carbonated water in mind. These are facts.

When it all started?
Naturally carbonated mineral water Mihalkovo springs from the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, 2 km east of the village of Mihalkovo and has almost 80 years long tradition. The spring is located in the Possestra locality in the Valley of Vacha River and was found in 1936, as a mountain water stream, with distinctive taste and flavor. In the late 1930s local people decided to turn the water into their main business. In 1939, Devin Municipal Land Ownership and Consolidation Committee decided to expropriate the land within a radius of 500 meters around the naturally carbonated water Mihalkovo water source. In 1942, start was given to construction of a well and conducted water analysis.

Now we are producers
Mihalkovo Company is one of the oldest producers of bottled mineral water in Bulgaria.
Extraction and bottling of Mihalkovo mineral water in the Village of Mihalkovo, Smolyan Municipality, began back in 1956 when the first bottle of water Mihalkovo was manually filled in a wooden shack, and later on it was exhibited at the Plovdiv Fair. Subsequently, simple ball valves and German washing machine were used for bottling purposes.
The new plant was opened in 1970.
In 1990 the company was registered as a Producer Cooperative (TPK), and twenty years later Mihalkovo SA was established – a joint stock company with 100% private capital.
TPK Mihalkovo focuses its operations exclusively on the extraction and bottling of natural carbonated and spring water, and Mihalkovo SA takes business operations.

The people of Mihalkovo
Mihalkovo provides job placement for about 80 people, some of them members of the Cooperative. Bottling of mineral water provides employment for nearly the entire region – the company employs people from Mihalkovo and the surrounding villages such as Selcha and Lyaskovo.

The springs of Mihalkovo

Mihalkovo water is certified under:

ISO 9001:2008
International Food Standarts (IFS)

Green glass bottle
In October 2011 the legendary and well known to generations of Bulgarians green glass bottle of naturally carbonated water Mihalkovo was replaced with a modern club glass bottle of 300 ml. The bottle has a fresh look, deep olive-green color and dynamic graphic line.


Domestic market
Annually the company bottles and sells about 13 million liters of water or about 17 million packages on the Bulgarian market.

International market
In October 2010, Mihalkovo mineral water entered the Latvian market. The export of Mihalkovo SA products to a European Union Member-State is not only success for the traditional Bulgarian mineral water brand, but also an excellent advertisement of the natural resources of Bulgaria abroad.

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