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Website: http://perevod-russia.com
Phone: +781 2643 5515


Activity: Other
Description: The PEREVOD RUSSIA translation agency employs only the most highly qualified interpreters and translators.
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Country: Russian Federation
Town: St. Petersburg
ZIP/PostCode: 195112
Boulevard/Street: Malookhtinskiy prospect
Street #: Street #
Building: 68
Entrance: Entrance
Office: 104


The PEREVOD RUSSIA translation agency employs only the most highly qualified interpreters and translators, as well as professional editors and experienced managers. Since 2004, we have translated thousands of documents into Russian and worked at dozens of start-up and commissioning events at major Russian and CIS enterprises. We have assisted many foreign companies to efficiently conduct business negotiations, conclude profitable contracts and fortify their positions on the Russian market.

We offer our high-quality services at:

  • professional Russian translation and adaptation of all promotional materials (booklets, leaflets, catalogues);
  • providing interpreters for exhibitions, conferences, seminars etc.;
  • translating project and regulatory documents with full correspondence to the original (“one-to-one”);
  • translating business correspondence, contracts and tender materials;
  • consecutive and simultaneous interpretation;
  • layout editing, binding, printing and preparing texts for such operations;
  • notary certification and apostille;
  • website and software translation and localisation;
  • keeping strict confidentiality.

Technical translation

Technical translation of documents and manuals is among the most complex types of translation, which requires experience and substantial knowledge of technical systems and equipment.

You can rely on our professional translators in translation of your technical documentation, as well as scientific texts. The high quality of our translations will leave both linguists and technicians satisfied.

Such texts always contain charts, tables and diagrams requiring an advanced PC user apart from a linguist to work with them. To preserve the original layout of a translated document, we offer either makeup services or one-to-one translation with a document’s appearance completely unchanged.

Translation of legal documents

Our translators have solid experience in legal translations. We perform high-quality and time-bound translations of the following:

  1. laws and other regulatory legal documents;
  2. contracts;
  3. legal opinions and memoranda;
  4. apostilles and certificates of acknowledgement;
  5. constituent documents;
  6. powers of attorney;

Legal texts are written in special style and contain plenty of legal terms. When using our services, you can be certain that you will obtain highly qualified and professional translation of legal documents. Time limits are an important factor in legal translation. Our specialists will translate any legal text with high quality and on time.

Economic translation

Economic translation is in high demand in today’s Russia, and we are always pleased to offer translation of financial and accounting documents, contracts, claims, business correspondence and other documents.

Translation of economic texts is required by businessmen corresponding and dealing with Russian partners. When it comes to concluding contracts or implementation of joint projects with Russian companies, the price of an error is extremely high. That is why it is most reasonable to entrust economic translation to a professional having necessary financial knowledge in addition to a perfect command of a foreign language and knowledge of the translation rules and principles.

The main point that differentiates economic translation from ordinary translation is the need to strictly adhere to the original text and to prevent any ambiguity in translation whatsoever. For this purpose, the translator has to understand the principles of economic processes pertaining to the text being translated.

Thus, the translator, when performing an economic translation, essentially assumes responsibility for legal validity of a delivery contract, money transfer certificate or receipt, as well as for equivalence in the appearance and sense of a translated document to the original.

Your document translated by our specialists will be both competent and stylistically perfect.

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