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Rumelia wines

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Website: http://eng.rumelia.net
Phone: +359 (0)357 63 366

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Activity: Winery
Description: he grapes for our wines are produced from proprietary vineyard, located in the Thracian plain.
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Panaguriste
ZIP/PostCode: 4500
Boulevard/Street: Bratia Deikovi Str
Street #: 4
Building: Building
Entrance: Entrance
Office: Office


Rumelia wine cellar was established in 2006 in the town of Panaguriste.

One of the most valuable symbols of the town is the world known Panaguriste golden treasure – a unique monument of the ancient Thracian civilization. The Thracians were known as famous and crafty wine makers, a witness of which was Omir. We do appreciate the proven traditions of the past in the art and secrecy of wine making and combine it with modern equipment and technology in order to propose own style and distinguished character of our wines.

The cellar had production area, underground barrel cellar, bottling line, laboratory, cozy testing area and unique atmosphere, where our guests can feel that wine manufacturing is an art, the wine – magic and the wines of Rumelia wine cellar – true delight.

Rumelia wine cellar processes grapes with high quality that have gathered the sun rays of Golden Thracia – prerequisite and guarantee for high level of quality of the offered wines. The cellar is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for elite red wines production, the style and fine taste of which are result of the strict control of every grape batch. The wine cellar can process 500-600 tons of grapes per year, which is enough for the production of 400-500 thousand bottles of wine per year. The underground cellar has barrels, produced by French, American and Bulgarian oak with capacity of 1000 barr


The grapes for our wines are produced from proprietary vineyard, located in the Thracian plain. The compulsory “green pruning” is utilized in order to reduce the yield to the required quantities. The physical and chemical properties of the grape fruits and the soil are constantly monitored. The grape clusters are gathered by hand and are placed in small crates. Then the crates are sent to the cellar, where the clusters are sorted and processed. The wine is bottled and is left for couple of month to mature.



The establishment of the vineyards started in 2005 after numerous studies and tests of the region, in terms of soil, climate and air currents. The place is located in the village of Smilec - in terms of geography in Pazardjik field, and in terms of wine region – in Thracian plain. The grape varieties structure is as follows – Mavrud, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah for the red and Muscat ottonel and Chardonnay for the white wine varieties 

4500 Panaguriste
4 Bratia Deikovi Str.
Tel.: +359 (0)357 63 366
Fax: +359 (0)357 62 966
email: [email protected]

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