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Todoroff wines

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Website: http://www.todoroff-wines.com
Phone: +359 2 850 4666

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Activity: Winery
Description: Todoroff Boutique Wine Cella r is specialized in production of high quality red wines of "Mavrud", "Merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon" grape varieties in boutique series of limited quantity.
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1680
Boulevard/Street: Bulgaria blvd
Street #: Street #
Building: 83
Entrance: A
Office: 3


TODOROFF wine cellar story began over seven decades ago when our founder, Andonovi brothers opened up a wine cellar in the village of Brestovitza in 1945 . They were known to be one of the best wine producers in their era.

Mr. Ivan Todoroff currently owns the refinery since 2001 and has now modernized the whole plant with contemporary and modern technologies for wine production which produces better quality and efficiency

We are the producers of high quality red wines made of high grade grape varieties such as "Mavrud", "Merlot" and "Cabernet Sauvignon" in boutique series of limited quantity

We have perfected the art of crafting wines through our rigorous protocols, standards and quality. Our experienced staff of Quality Control professionals uses stringent oversight methods to assure quality, meet our clients’ specifications.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to creating extraordinary wine and experiences that surprise and delight. Our aim is for excellence. We are a company that intends to be one hundred percent quality driven and everything we do, quality comes first.

Our Mission

We want to be a one stop solution for best wine needs and bring authentic flavors to your taste bud by creating paramount wine for our customer

Our Core Values

·         Maintain High Quality and highest level of service

·         We only use the freshest ingredients for our wine production

·         Delivery all time every time tasty wines for happy customers

·         Continually improve our operations to better serve customers.

Characteristic of the region

The tradition of wine producing  in Plovdiv region has been inherited by ancient Thracian ages  and this reflects our approach in building wine which is based upon the fines and harmony of aroma and taste, along with the believe that making wine is a kind of Art.

The Thracian lowland in the South Bulgarian region covers about 35% of the vineyard territories of the country. The main varieties of the region are Cherven Misket, Rkaziteli, Muskat Ottonel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Aligotte, and Mavrud – a variety typical for this region. Red and white, dry and semi-dry wines are produced in this region, as well as desert wines. The density of red varieties plantation is about 69%.

Climate properties of the region

The climate in Thracian lowland is moderate continental and has distributed rainfalls during the vegetation period with total vegetation temperature is 3500-4000 degrees C. Duration of the vegetation period and the period without froze is 180-200 days.

The vegetation begins around 05 April and ends at 04 November and the frequency of the spring froze is about 5-10%. The average diurnal temperature of the hottest month is between 22 - 23 degrees C. The average level of the absolute temperature minimums yearly are from 14 to 16 degrees C, since the average minimums yearly are between -21 to -25 degrees C with a duration of one to two days. The hydro thermal coefficient for July-August is 0.4-0.1. The root producing soil layer is very deep and its nutritious, thermal, water and air regime is good.


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