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Vege Fresh 90 LTD

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Website: www.vegefresh90.com
Phone: +359877711763

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Activity: Food
Description: Canned Mediterranean Specialties Dolma and Vine leaves producer
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Country: Bulgaria
Town: Kazanlak
ZIP/PostCode: 6100
Boulevard/Street: Sipsenska Epopea 20
Street #: Sipsenska Epopea 20
Building: Building
Entrance: Entrance
Office: Office


Vege Fresh 90 EOOD, is a modern European company located in Bulgaria, very near the beautiful city of Kazanlak , to the Ovostnik village, where you can find our new factory. 
Our facilities and the top quality of our products very soon made us , one of the leading companies to our region.

Major retail and catering companies, trust us with their private labels on to our products. We offer our products for private labeling, under customer’s brand. This service allows any type of personalization regarding range, size, and packaging.

Each year we come up with a new line of products, in accordance to the needs of the local as well as worldwide market. Our philosophy is to produce canned food that looks and tastes like homemade. That’s why we use for all of our products the purest selected raw materials, without any preservatives and the oldest Mediterranean traditional recipes.

The vital necessity to observe new trends in can-making, the maximalization of productivity and the modernization of equipment are being followed in a smooth way in order not to damage the renowned quality and traditional taste of our products. As a result, we produce top quality , ready -to -serve meals and from Retail to Institutional packages. 

Highly trained personnel and modern equipment, under the strictest hygienic demands, guaranties the quality of our products and the ability to serve our clients.

Vege Fresh EOOD, is always eager to develop new trading collaborations, while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships already has established. We hope that you will find our trading aims capable of providing you with the top quality products in the most competitive prices. It’s a commitment of our company to our consumers the satisfaction they get for its quality products, that permits highly aspect of its business.

Company Products

  • Canned Mediterranean Specialties
    Stuffed Vine Leaves With Rice Vine Leaves In Brine Baked Butter Beans In Tomato Sauce Ready Vegetarian Meals in Cans & Jars

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