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WebDesignBg Ltd

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Verified Profile Website: https://www.webdesignbg.com
Phone: +359 2 927 74 62


Activity: Internet
Description: Web design and development company
Form of ownership:
Amount of capital:
Company Size:


Country: Bulgaria
Town: Sofia
ZIP/PostCode: 1336
Boulevard/Street: Lulin
Street #: Street #
Building: 647
Entrance: A
Office: 2



  • Databases (products, services, news, poll, mail bulletin, ...), containing unlimited number of fields (number, name, description, ...) with different type (text, degit, image);
  • Web pages with unlimited content size - texts, images, animations;
  • Feedback forms for sending mail or database conections;
  • Administration system - adding, editing, deleting database records;
  • With built-in administration system addning, editing and deleting database records is easy to learn and very simple;
  • Web sites with light, clean and modern design;
  • Additional treatment - images, animated effects;
  • We build a site which responses completely to your requirements and accepted standarts in the Web;
  • Upgrade and support according to your needs.


WebDesignBg LTD

  • Web sites with full administrative panel;
  • You are able to add, modify, delete anytime;
  • Simple and clean, no special skills required;
  • You have full access to the site: types, subtypes, pages, texts, images, files, contacts.


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