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Windows Factory Ltd

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Website: http://www.logilukss.eu
Phone: +37126008889


Activity: Manufacturing industrial
Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers of constructions of aluminum, PVC, glazed constructions, which specializes in the most accurate and advanced manufacturing technologies
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Country: Latvia
Town: Riga
ZIP/PostCode: LV1004
Boulevard/Street: Balasta dambis 3
Street #: Street #
Building: Building
Entrance: Entrance
Office: Office


We are one of the leading manufacturers of constructions of aluminum, PVC, glazed constructions, which specializes in the most accurate and advanced manufacturing technologies, and production for any object on the the territory of Latvia or outside its borders in the shortest possible time. We provide the highest standards of quality and most honest attitude to the client as upon receiving and at the time of delivering the order. We independently monitor market demand, as well as innovations from the suppliers, to be able to offer the most modern solutions. The company as a manufacturer has accumulated extensive experience in the manufacture of doors and windows, as well as custom constructions that we actively use in the construction of large and complex objects, in accordance with certain requirements of the Latvian association of manufacturers of windows and doors, and the requirements of the Latvian construction standards.

Our goal

During the process of production of our products, PVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, PVC-U) and aluminum windows, doors and other limiting constructions, we use the finest, high quality, modern initial materials, meeting the requirements of the legislation, which we receive from the best suppliers. We have set ourselves the obligation to organize the production process of high-quality constructions, what requires a lot of attention and skill, and what from the date of manufacture of the first product in 2001, we learned to do at the highest level. And now we do not dwell on it – we improve and refine the production process at the enterprice to ensure the highest quality of products.


The company is developing as a European company of manufacture, marketing and sale of windows, doors and glazed limiting constructions. The company maximizes its value, improving industrial and technical equipment, providing stability to its employees and strengthening its position in the market of Latvia and European countries.

Our offer

For our clients and cooperation partners we offer:

  • Highest quality service and glazed PVC (PVC-U unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) constructions, meeting customer requirements – windows, doors and other limiting constructions ( for ex. shopwindows);
  • High quality aluminum constructions (windows, doors, glazed facade systems made of aluminum, bulkheads, etc.);
  • Advice prior to the confirmation of the order of windows, doors or other constructions that enable customers to understand and compare the appropriate set of initial materials for selected constructions (profiles’ systems, accessories, etc.);
  • We perform measurements of constructions at the space provided for their location, project, and use certified measuring payment program, production of constructions in accordance with the highest level of quality requirements, delivery at the scheduled place of assembly and installation work in accordance with the requirements of LAWDM (Latvian Association of Window and Door Manufacturers) and Latvian regulatory provisions, which is performed by Certified windows’ installation professionals

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